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The Story So Far

Andy Home was founded by Umesh Anand and Geetanjali Anand; siblings with a common design sensibility and passion for excellence created through artistically and painstakingly designing of spaces.

Started in July of 2012, as a retail and interior business, the company has since evolved within a short time span to be recognised as a market leader with expertise in residential interiors and retail of fine merchandise handpicked and sourced out of Europe.  The next step hereafter towards achieving the company goals has been to diversify and set up an architectural division.

The Andy philosophy, keeping true to its core values of high quality, simplicity, timeless elegance and deliverance, makes its foray into boutique residential developments in upcoming and sought after markets for second, vacation or retirement homes. Creating ultra luxurious residential gated communities, each with its unique style, the company continues its philosophy of exclusivity by maintaining small high end bespoke developments.

Well thought out planned spaces, with great emphasis on form, functionality and detail to design, luxury with comfort remain our underlying thought process where we engage ourselves in creating a lifestyle and not mere dwellings.

Andy Home the first and more traditional branch of the Andy brand seeks to design classic furniture with a contemporary flair, coupied with carefully selected accessories to create traditional but original interior atmosphere. The design of Andy Home furniture is inspired and rooted from a variety of traditional styles, implementing similarly aged methods of construction such as hand carving. This framework provides a foundation, which is paired with contemporary material finishes and newly produced speciality fabrics, reviving a traditional aesthetic with unique style.

Andy Accessories are selected with great care and attention to detail. Sourced from the finest vendors in Europe our accessories match the same high standards of quality and originality that we set for all our furniture. From tableware and glassware to soft furnishings and accent pieces we stock a diverse range that work well with a variety of furniture styles and collections. Traditional and contemporary alike our accessories will add the finishing touches to any environment.

Andy Interiors are conceptualised and developed by maintaining close working relationships with clients, ensuring their vision for interior environments. Our team of spatial, interior & product designers works alongside the client, expanding on spatial concepts and themes for furniture. Using a variety of software including CAD and 3D applications, we meticulously plan the arrangement of spaces, focusing on both form and function. The result is a liveable environment that blends the taste and requirements of its occupants with Andy’s signature; high standard of quality in design and production.

The Vogue Collection

Andy Architecture building on a strong foundation of meticulously designed furniture and luxurious interiors, Andy Architecture continues to expand upon the Andy brand, retaining the classically influenced aesthetics and exceptional attention to detail that are at the core of all Andy projects. Initially focusing on residential architecture, our aim was to combine the grandeur of quintessential European stylings with functional and well-though out spaces, creating palatial domestic environments within a liveable scale. Today we welcome projects from the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. Addressing each project anew, focusing on its unique context within its environment.